• Low Energy High Performance Eco Build in Blackburn Melbourne

  • Australia's largest High Perf. Super Energy Efficient Home 519m2. 1.36ACH, 9.7 Stars 'Real Living' Rating. 


  • How We Poured the Perfect Slab

  • Wrapping the Frame Windtight with SIGA Majvest

  • Sealing Window Frames Airtight

  • Insulating a wall correctly

  • Making the Structure Watertight

  • Installing James Hardie Matrix Cladding Watertight

  • Sealing a Notorious Penetration Airtight with Siga Rissan

  • Wrapping the Internals Walls airtight with Siga Majpell

  • More on Sealing Penetrations

  • Window Frame Sealed: Finished Product

  • Energy Efficient Langwarrin Eco Mansion  3.3ACH, 8.8 Stars in 'Real Living' Ranking. A High Performance Home Build.

  • Energy Efficient STERLING ECO 1.62 ACH, 9 4 Stars in Real Living Ranking. A High Performance Home Build.

  • The Quarbings - Architect Designed Premium Town House Development. PURE also specialises in Quality Town House Developments.

We specialise in Energy Efficient Eco Homes, Quality 6 Star Homes, knockdown & Rebuilds and Quality Townhouse Developments
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