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Passive House is a set of building principles based on building science. Homes built in this way are Super Energy Efficient, maintain an even temperature throughout the home from the bathroom to the Living room while providing an internal air environment that is fresher than Mother Nature. A Passive House is up to 7-9 times more energy efficient than a normal 6-star Australian home.

Home heating and cooling accounts for up to 50% of world energy. What better way to make a big impact on your pocket and the world’s energy demand than to build a passive house or a passive principles home?

A Passive House builder has to pass the Passive House Tradesperson exam before they are certified as competent to understand the techniques to build a Passive Home successfully.

The thermal barrier is very important to maintaining temperatures and achieved by the installation of insulation in a continuous manner. Insulation has to be installed properly and the R values are determined by the PHPP report. Limiting thermal bridging is also very important for the home to be able to maintain its temperatures and efficiency.
Passive Windows
Installation of high quality non-thermal bridging windows is a very important part of Passive principles build. uPVC double and triple glazed windows minimise thermal bridging unlike windows made of aluminium.
Mechanical Ventilation Systems
“Tight” homes need controlled ventilation not only to keep occupants healthy but also to prevent mould and manage humidity and so prevent virus and bacteria from multiplying. MHRV systems recover up to 95% of the energy from stale out going air and transfer it to incoming fresh air and is a major factor in the efficiency. This Air is filtered to take out impurities so providing clean and fresh air inside your house. Pure is skilled to install and accurately commission your MHRV system; a process that many builders do not understand.
Implementing Airtightness in Your Home
Airtightness is absolutely vital for efficiency and comfort.

An external WRB membrane and an internal airtightness membrane are used and all penetrations are taped and sealed to ensure no air leakage. This is a major part of passive house principles build. No leakage means massive gains in energy efficiency and a comfortable stable temperature all round.

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