Our builders at Pure Eco Homes are registered and Passive house certified tradespersons and have decade long experience in constructing energy-efficient homes. So, you can be confident in us.
We use SIGA Airtight Weathertight Membrane & Tapes which are entirely VOC free materials and are eth leading premium brand throughout Europe.
Since the passive homes that we build are airtight, the entry of the allergens are inhibited. Diesel, rubber petroleum particulates are filtered out by the mechanical ventilation unit providing a healthy internal environment.
At Pure Eco Homes, we have been constructing eco-friendly super energy efficient and Passsive Homes for the last 12 years. We also incorporate the latest new technologies while constructing these homes.
This is basically where we flip the usual floor plan. You can expect your cooking, living and entertaining areas to be on the upper levels to take advantage of the beautiful views that you have.
We provide a wide array of home plans. To view the list, head to the ‘Home Plans’ section on our website. We can also custom design and build your dream home.
We use our proprietary “build Technologies Synergy” technology besides others. To learn more about them in detail, head to our ‘Energy Efficient Eco Sustainable’ section section.
As an experienced company offering Eco-Friendly and Sustainable passive home building for the last 12 years, we do help in financing by finding the right loan to meet your needs through our broker.
The Blower test is usually done by us to determine the air tightness of your home. This is the ultimate litmus test to determine if a home can perform in a real living situation. This test is performed our specialist independent accredited partner.
To build a new eco-friendly home, you will need to have building permit full plans and council approvals. We will take care of all those requirements for you. You do not need to do anything other than agree your floor plans.
You can reach out to us at our phone number on the website or even send us an email.