• PURE presents a unique opportunity for the owner builder.

    Pure is arguably the most experienced builder in Australia building with the Insulliving SIP panel system. WHY?

    The system as we have designed it, lends itself well to the owner builder scenario with PURE acting as a mentor.


    • 1. We will assist you with planning the construction process
    • 2. Assist you with ordering materials
    • 3. Mentor you with build documentation requirements, Engineering, Permits and Trades.
    • 4. Provide supervisory assistance on site (to be advised)
    • 5. Provide unlimited Hotline Support

    This construction is not as easy as is made out by information on the internet. Further, to achieve a good airtight structure (and therefore a real energy efficient home) is very difficult. Be under no illusions about this. Get it wrong and your home will be perfect for Queensland...but not Victoria.

    If your goal is to save yourself money and to build a REAL Energy Efficient Eco Home that performs as it should...that is in Everyday Real Living, call us now to arrange a meeting to discuss this opportunity.

We specialise in Energy Efficient Eco Homes, Quality 6 Star Homes, knockdown & Rebuilds and Quality Townhouse Developments