Introducing Our Design Team Professionals

  • Our team of Edmund & Trisya and Sukleep handle our design and development with input from Oswynne.

    From hand drawn client sketches to ideas on the back on an envelope (literally) they patiently and thoughtfully translate client wishes onto plans for PURE to build to reality...always paying attention to budget constraints.

    The all new range of Contemporary Eco Homes are designed and built along the guiding principles of High Performance Building, Passive Haus and Allergy Friendly Homes.

    The homes must also achieve a minimum of 8 star energy efficiency rating in 'Real Living', not theoretical computer generated stars, (which is well in excess of the currently mandated 6 star) and dramatically cut their heat/cool energy demand and therefore carbon footprint.

    These highly unique homes should see their owners experience estimated heat/cool energy consumption reductions of up to 50%.  They are also Asthma & Allergy Friendly, providing their owners with pure filtered air 24/7, which offers the promise of much sought after relief for sufferers by removing pollutant triggers from the internal air environment.  PURE owners can now breathe air fresher than mother nature's ® inside their homes!

    Combine that with georgeous designs and a premium quality internal fitout, and we feel that the team have provided PURE owners with something truly unique and Chic in today’s homogeneous home market.  We dare you to be different...kind on your pocket and sustainable at the same time!

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We specialise in Energy Efficient Eco Homes, Quality 6 Star Homes, knockdown & Rebuilds and Quality Townhouse Developments