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     "Our goal is to make the process of selecting interior and exterior colour schemes and fixtures and fittings as worry-free as possible".

     Ever wondered why the homes of wealthy individuals look so stunning?  Is it just by chance that they are so talented at co-ordinating colours?  Here's the secret.  They employ qualified interior decorators to develop their colour plans.  Result...the home looks stunning and its value appreciates.
    Many buyers find the process of trying to self-co-ordinate colours, fittings and fixtures somewhat stressful and frustrating.  Why then do  they engage in the favourite Aussie past time of trudging through display house after house looking for ideas for their home...which may present quite differently to the numerous displays that they have cobbled ideas from.
    The hotch potch of ideas may result in more expenditure to try to get the effect the buyer really desires...because the end result may not 'hang together' through the home as they first thought. This is because it is difficult for the untrained eye to visualise and successfully co-ordinate the myriad of elements within a home in a visually balanced way to achieve an end result with that WOW factor. 
    Your friends should be able to walk in and say ' Wow' that looks great!  

    However a professionally trained interior designer team like the  PURE team are able to achieve this. They have spent much time training to co-ordinate the myriad of things that need to come together for a great look.   The result is a home that looks fabulous and will keep its wow factor for years to come ...and this is the key difference between an amateur and a professional. 

    Diane Warren, Head of our Design Team is a professionally qualified Interior Designer with over 20 years experience in the industry.  She has put the finishing touches to our homes and done the hours of hard work for you, so that you can relax and be confident that your home will have that 'guaranteed to impress' look and increase the value of your most important asset.

     Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate accolade!

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